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214 c.a.l.m.

A step-by-step guide for a self-funded community economic stimulus that's anti-fragile

Sponsored by 214 Alpha

community activation and launch methodology

What's the "214 c.a.l.m." model?


Sourced from over 35 years of experience and used within thousands of communities, the Community Activation and Launch Methodology (or C.A.L.M.) is used by 214 Alpha to help activate, and launch leadership that's been sourced from within the communities they serve.

Whether they realized it or not, every successful "intentional community," mutual aid society, or expression of neighborhood economics began with a vision, and progressed through the following seven steps as the vision evolved.


If you're working to launch or improve upon an intentional community, your current efforts will fall within one of the following seven sequential steps of the 214 C.A.L.M. model.

We've made resources available to help expedite your journey, leveraging best practices from those who've walked a mile in your shoes.


There’s a lot of reasons to become “fed up,” but frustration alone must take a back seat if lasting change is to be made. The Community Activation and Launch Methodology (C.A.L.M.) guides activists from outrage to stewardship through actions designed to help them reclaim dignity on their terms.


As the outrage of the prior stage gave way and made space for solution-oriented creativity, a vision is formed, and this vision will need to be shared with others.

This is the step where you begin to first imagine the rough but essential building blocks of a self-sustaining, self-governing community.


There is no such thing as a community created by a single person; all successful intentional communities relied upon the collaborative efforts of a small but dedicated core team, rallied around your original vision defined and fine-tuned during the prior step.


Through your example your successful advocacy will demonstrate your community's first examples of self-governance.


Once you have followed the previous three steps it is a lot easier to secure funds, and far less likely there will be conflict within the community.


Take it from the experts: you have to complete steps one (OUTRAGE!) through three (COMMUNITY BUILDING), first, or you will likely raise very little money.


This is where your team's vision, formed during the prior step, evolves into an action plan the community can understand, adopt as their own, and support.


This is where the rubber hits the road:


The gradual, step-by-step adoption of process, technology, and services in support of your vision, implemented in bite size steps.


As soon as your vision becomes reality, your core governance team will be in the thick of acting as trustees, accountable to your community.


Stewardship is key to continuity.

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