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Genesis: the 214 "c.a.l.m." model

Almost every successfully-launched community has followed this Community activation and Launch Methodology process ("C.A.L.M."), from beginning to end.


Sometimes those who built the community got three or four steps in and realized they needed to go back and shore up an earlier phase.

The 214 "C.A.L.M." model was originally conceived within the context of skateboard advocacy, in the 1980's, with guidance provided by those who cut their teeth during the civil rights era.

In the years since, the model has been tuned to include experiences gained by distributed contributors, such as those involved in the Occupy! effort, and others.


Kent Dahlgren, CEO, 214 Alpha

35+ years experience an activist, Kent has served as the steward and author for many updates to what's currently called the Community Activation and Launch Methodology (C.A.L.M.)


Trudy Martinez, COO, 214 Alpha

35+ years a health professional, with an emphasis upon occupational therapy, Trudy boasts an uncanny ability to discern what people need, rather than what they think they need, and as steward of the C.A.L.M. model, Trudy leads all customers of 214 Alpha through its steps as they move from outrage to stewardship, through action.

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