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This step is when the rubber hits the road.


It may sound difficult, but in fact, if you did all your work in the prior steps, this step is actually pretty simple; it’s just adoption of technology, operations, and services in support of your vision, implemented in steps.


In “community building” we talked about the need for a regular release cadence. One important byproduct of this process is the retrospective analysis, reason being: all well-laid plans experience unanticipated setbacks. It happens to everyone, every single time.


By having limited-scope deployment steps, and a regular release cadence which ends with an unsparingly honest retrospective assessment, your own leadership team is best capable to recognize deviations from plan, and respond accordingly.


Q: how do you know your team is ready to focus on the final stage?

Your team may be ready to move to the next phase (STEWARDSHIP) when at least one of your design phases has successfully been deployed, consistent with defined key performance indicators (KPI).

The emphasis shall be upon continuity planning in the event of catastrophic failure.

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