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There’s a point where one might declare "enough is enough!," and people become outraged. One or two indignities too many, and beginning with a single individual, a distinct community calves from the rest in a desire to achieve an exclusive existence.


Look around. Most people are stuck at this step (OUTRAGE!), and it's a dead-end


You won't make much actual progress unless you have progressed to the next step, which involves evolving frustration and anger into a vision for how to fix the problem.

Good news: by virtue of being reading this page, you’re already progressed further than 99% of people.


Congratulations: you may have the makings of a leader.

Q: when will know you are ready to move to the next step?

You're ready to progress to the next step when you have

  • mastered your own frustration

  • sourced and rooted your vision deep within your well-justified sense of outrage

  • have learned how to steer the frustration and anger of others towards a vision which may solve the problem

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