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This is where your vision comes to life in a more concrete form. The vision was originally in reaction/response to “outrage!,” but has distilled and evolved as you’ve progressed through the community building step.


Activation always happens in steps. Think about how to create a first pilot, with a limited scope of participants, and a limited scope of functionality. Say: 15 people being able to log into the community, chat, and trade with one another. Start small, publicize the successes broadly, limit your failures, because failures WILL HAPPEN at this phase.


Build out your activation plan, factoring for your community, technology, revenue targets, and so on. 214 Alpha staff is here to help.


Q: how do you know your team is ready to move to the next step?

Your team is ready to move to the next step (LAUNCH) when

  • your team has fleshed out a plan that features phases of adoption, beginning with a modest pilot

  • when the community leadership has agreement regarding thresholds for success tied to key performance indicators (KPI)

  • defined and agreed to a process for defining and implementing contingency planning in the event something goes wrong

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