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Most people leap from “Outrage!” or their own “Vision” directly to this step, and are surprised they aren’t more successful at raising money.


Once you’ve properly followed the above steps, you are a lot closer to securing grants, loans, investors, and so on, because the prior steps are what investors look for in a project.

Take it from us: don't skimp on the prior steps (Outrage, Vision, and Community Building), or you will struggle with raising funds.


Fundraising targets need to be practical and realistic.


Also creative: $20,000 sounds like a lot, but it’s far more easy to consider when one considers that’s the same as 200 people investing $100.


Also consider that you’ll need to be able to articulate realistic revenue-generating ideas for your community. Again: we can help, but note that your community is not a charity case. All communities possess extremely high value. We’ll show you how.


Q: how do you know you're ready to move to the next step?

Your team is ready to move to the next step (ACTIVATION) when you:

  • have a realistic fundraising plan in alignment with your design and vision

  • is supported by a leadership team and the community you represent

  • the vision itself well-articulated in easy-to-understand terms

  • each implementation step associated with key performance indicators (KPI)

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