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The 214 "Org" Community Development Process

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Once you have followed the previous steps it is a lot easier to secure funds and far less likely there will be conflict within the community. Take it from the experts: you have to complete steps 1-4.


This is where your team's vision, formed during the prior step,evolves into an action plan the community can understand, adopt as their own and support.

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There is no such thing as a community created by a single person. You need to learn, and through example it will demonstrate your community's first examples of self governance.


As the outrage of the prior stage gave way to creativity, a vision is formed, which applies to others: the basic building blocks of a self-sustaining, self-governing community.

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There's a lot of reasons to become "fed up," but frustration alone must take a back seat before lasting change can be made.


Don't worry! the "214 Org" process will expedite your journey.

An open-source guide to launching and sustaining a self-sufficient intentional community, sponsored by 214 Alpha


How does it work? 

Every successful community travels the following steps as they evolve from the founder's original vision to the end result.


Pick your current phase and learn how to expedite your journey, leveraging best practices from those who've been in your shoes


This is where the rubber hits the road: the gradual, step-by-step adoption of process, technology, and services in support of your vision, implemented in bite size phases.

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As soon as your vision becomes reality, your core governance team will be in the thick of acting as trustees, accountable to your community. Stewardship is key.

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